Robert Libman, B. Arch., O.A.Q., is the president and secretary of Libcorp. He will be actively involved in every project. An architect by profession, he has extensive public sector experience at both the provincial and municipal levels of government.

Robert Libman graduated from the McGill University School of Architecture in 1985 with distinction and as a University scholar, and was shortly thereafter admitted to the Order of Architects of Quebec (O.A.Q.) with distinction. He worked for two large architectural firms overseeing numerous building projects in the Montreal area. In 1989 he was elected to the Quebec National Assembly, where among others duties he sat on the planning and infrastructures commission.

He was subsequently elected Mayor of the City of Côte Saint-Luc in 1998 and named to the Montreal Urban Community (MUC) environment commission. In 2001 he was elected to City Council of the newly restructured City of Montreal, as the Mayor of the borough of Côte Saint-Luc / Hampstead / Montreal West. He was named by Mayor Gerald Tremblay to the City of Montreal Executive Committee responsible for Urban Planning, Architecture and territorial development. He was charged with devising the city’s new urban master plan. The comprehensive planning document and vision for the 10 year sustainable development of the entire island of Montreal was adopted by City Council in November of 2004.

Robert Libman was also named to the Communauté Metropolitaine de Montreal (CMM) Council and sits on its planning commission.

Robert Libman has an intimate knowledge of how the municipal apparatus works, in particular, the urban planning process and is an invaluable resource in ensuring that a building project runs smoothly, efficiently and more quickly.
Libcorp - Robert Libman, Architect, Consultant in Urban Planning
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