Libcorp Consultants Inc. is a dynamic company which provides a vast array of services to the public. We are consultants in planning, real estate development and financing. Any building development project that requires careful coordination and planning, regardless of the complexity, will run more smoothly and quickly with Libcorp’s involvement.

Libcorp offers a full range of services:

  • Specializing in interpreting various urban planning bylaws and facilitating administrative processes for construction projects

  • Every municipality or City of Montreal borough is governed by a variety of planning criteria, tools and bylaws. The Land Use Planning Act (LAU), Urban Plans, Borough planning chapters, zoning bylaws, building construction bylaws, Architectural Integration Programs (PIIA’s), minor derogation bylaws can all have an effect on any construction project. Understanding the intent and nature of these implements is crucial for a successful project.

    Libcorp can also greatly assist in obtaining municipal rezoning. What will municipalities accept? What zoning change requests may or may not be realistic? How should projects be framed or presented to maximize the chances for approval?

    Libcorp can be an invaluable asset in accompanying any project through the various stages and greatly improve the chances for success. Additional efficiency will invariably translate into quicker results which could save the client thousands of dollars.

  • Start-up of development projects and follow-through from acquisition of land to architectural planning, construction phasing, sales and financing.

  • Libcorp will coordinate the work of all professionals and consultants. We have worked with many architectural and urban planning firms, as well as traffic consultants, soils experts, general contractors, real estate agents and PR firms. We can bring a project from the initial stages of negotiations for land, right up to putting down a ‘welcome- mat’ at the front door.

  • With strong links to lenders, arranging or structuring the financing for real estate complexes will be a major part of our business.

  • Financing or refinancing needs can be arranged by Libcorp. We have dealt with some of the biggest mortgage lenders in the country.

  • Syndication of acquisition of real-estate portfolios or mortgage portfolios

  • Libcorp will work with you in all stages towards the assembly of portfolios.

  • Venture Capital Requirements

  • Soil Decontamination

  • Libcorp has strong ties to firms that specialize in soil decontamination. We are capable of coordinating the clean-up of a contaminated site at a lower cost and thus transform an economically unfeasible site into a valuable developable property.

  • Joint Venturing

  • With an extensive circle of contacts, Libcorp will be able to bring together groups of investors and set up partnerships.

    Our fees vary on a project by project basis, and depend on the complexity and scope of work. For every potential mandate, a comprehensive offer of services is prepared, outlining all the steps involved and submitted to the client for approval.

    Libcorp Consultants Inc. was founded by Robert Libman, architect and consultant in urban planning.
    Libcorp - Robert Libman, Architect, Consultant in Urban Planning
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